Shared community ownership, through art. Impact Investing


Our ethos is dedicated to effecting change. We prioritise action and purpose at every step. We are transparent and accountable, leading the sustainable art movement and inspiring others to join.

Follow our transformative expedition where art meets innovation. Embrace our commitment to environmental consciousness and join us in making a profound impact on our planet. Together, we will break boundaries, challenge norms, and leave a legacy of creativity, change, and hope for the future.

Embracing the future.

Who we are

Our vision is a sustainable future, where art and innovation inspire positive change and collective action for the planet.

ATGF | Denim Sherpa Jacket GeorgeKenny Design
Go beyond the ordinary

What we Do

At GeorgeKenny, we merge personalized NFT art, cutting-edge apparel, and immersive virtual experiences to take you on an extraordinary journey.

Merge digital creativity and individual expression through personalized NFT art, creating unique stories for each artwork.

We Value the Mission

Transparency is key. Communicate openly about our actions, finances, and project impact to foster trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business, we prioritize environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and carbon neutrality to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Embrace innovative tech to redefine personalized NFT art, fashion, and climate action.

A dynamic community that forms the heart and soul of our work. Embrace the belief in collective action and foster the dreams of our engaged community vision.


Meaningful Change

We are committed to the environment by allocating 13% of our profits to our DAO, which reinvests in leading organizations fighting climate change. Through the DAO, your purchase empowers you to shape decision-making processes and create impactful change.